Madchild Height – Age, Salary, Income and Net Worth Explained!

    Discover all you need about Madchild, including his net worth, biography, wife, age, height, weight, and more. Madchild is a Canadian rapper with a net worth of $6 million in 2022. He is recognized by his stage moniker Madchild although his actual name is Shane Bunting. He’s one of the most well-known Canadian rappers, and his shows consistently rank as some of the best of all time. Working with famous musicians has opened doors for him professionally. He’s also in a Vancouver hip-hop crew named Swollen Members.

    In 2009, he put out his first solo effort, The Madchild EP, which introduced the world to him as a rapper. In 2013, under Battle Axe Records, he published his first album, Dope Sick. In addition to favorable critical reception, this album climbed to #3 on Canada’s Albums Chart and #29 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. This record became one of his best sellers. Throughout his career, he has published several albums, such as “Lawnmower Man” and “Silver Tongue Devil.”

    Earnings of a Psychotic

    The Canadian rap star “Madchild” is worth $6 million. Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg put Madchild, Canada’s most famous rapper, at roughly $6 million in net worth. Rapper Madchild has been on stage for quite some time, and his performances have earned him a sizable fan base.

    The Madchild EP and Lawn Mower Man, two of his most notable releases, both charted in Canada. Since he was so well known, he could also demand a substantial price for his shows. Because of his success as a rapper, he now has a comfortable bank account.


    Increase in Madchild’s Wealth

    He has distributed several video and audio records of music. The royalty payments Madchild receives from his record label and firm are his primary source of income. Also, he earns a lot of money from his role in a famous musician’s song video. His live shows have also been well received, and he charges a hefty sum to event planners to play. His yearly salary from his profession is $1,000, while his total wealth as of 2022 is $6 million.

    Author’s Life Story of a Psychopath

    Madchild’s birthday is October 21, 1975, making him 46 years old. The Canadian city of Surrey is the site of his birth. He came from a stable, well-established family in North Vancouver. He finished high school at both Carson Graham and Sutherland. At age twenty, he uprooted his Life and headed for San Francisco. Ever since he was a teenager, he’s been interested in rap music, and after graduating from high school, he decided to pursue it seriously.

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    He’s settled on Hip Hop, Hardcore Rap, and Horrorcore as his preferred styles. He made his debut with the album The Madchild in 2009 and has been rapping ever since. After releasing many songs and making appearances in music videos, he established himself as a significant player in the rap scene. Madchild presently resides in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles County. He began as a solo artist but has since published an album and joined the Swollen Members.

    Awards and Professions in the World of the Madchild

    When Madchild released his first solo album, The Madchild, to critical acclaim in 2009, doors began opening for him professionally. His 2012 album, titled Dope Sick, was published by Battle Axe Records. This album peaked at #3 on “The Canadian Albums Chart” and #5 on the list of the best R&B/hip-hop albums in Canada. Lawn Mower Man, his second album on Battle Axe Records, has also been very successful.

    This album has proven somewhat successful in Canada, climbing as high as number two on The Canadian Albums Chart and as far as number thirteen on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Mixtapes such as Underground Monsters and Madchild Mondays were included in his 2011 release titled “M.A.D.E. : Misguided Angel Destroys Everything.” He has appeared as a special guest on various musicians’ recordings.

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    In 2012, he shared a spot on Swisha T.’s “Ballistic” mixtape. He is also well-liked for being a part of the band Swollen Members. In addition, he has participated in many rap battles as the rapping competitor. His live performances as a rapper have made him well-known in the scene. Madchild’s rise to fame is mainly attributable to his work with other musicians.


    How much money does Madchild have right now?

    It is estimated that Madchild has a total fortune of roughly $6 million.

    If you could guess Madchild’s age, what would it be?

    Madchild’s current age is 46. (October 21, 1975).

    Exactly how much does a Madchild get paid?

    It is reported that Madchild makes $500,000 yearly in pay.

    How Tall is a Madchild?

    Madchild stands an impressive 1.68 meters (5 feet 6 inches) tall.

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